Before our time together, I’ll spend 30-45 minutes receiving channelled guidance from Source. This helps me to understand who you are from a soul perspective and what is required during our session to facilitate change in your life, and to help you on your true life path.

The goal of us coming together is to awaken you to who you really are and to help you attain your greatest potential in this lifetime.

There is no specific recipe for this and each session is a unique and deeply personal journey.

These are some of the things that may come up:

  • Blocks or distortions that need to be cleared.
  • Limiting beliefs or specific programming that needs to be released.
  • Negative emotions that are creating challenges and pain in your life and preventing you from connecting with your true authentic self.
  • Energies or attachments which are holding you back or sabotaging your soul’s progression. In truth many of these are there to help us learn the lessons we are meant to learn and give us an indication of where we might be giving away our power.
  • Activations and coding that are required in order to awaken your DNA and energy field in order to lift your vibration and allow you to embody more of your higher self into the physical.
  • Information regarding relationships that are disempowering to you, what you need to learn from them and how to set up healthy boundaries.
  • A deeper understanding of the fears that are stopping us from creating the life that we want.
  • Activation of the higher chakra system.
  • Clearing and maximising of the creation energy centres.

The session will start with a discussion about what it is that you would like to work on and achieve (this can be as specific or general as you like) together with a discussion of my channelled guidance. I will also receive further channelled guidance during the session in answer to questions and or to give further detail.

We will then move onto the energy work during which you can be seated comfortably or lie down on a bed, couch or yoga mat. This work is done as I surrender to Source, and bring through a transmission of energy to addres what is required in that now moment for your growth and expansion. 

I am truly honoured and blessed to be able to share with you guidance, activations, clearings, realignments and coding to connect you to the truth of who you really are, to empower you to overcome the challenges that you are experiencing in your life and to help you reach your greatest potential and create a life of freedom, abundance, love and happiness.

I look forward to meeting you and doing a session with you.

Much love

Sandra xxx

Ready to make a real change in your life?