Sandra Paizes

Awaken to the real you!

About Me

I’m an energy healer, a catalyst and activator for spirit, as well as a full body channel and conduit for Source energy. My role is to transmit energy that allows for acceleration, advancement and a reactivation of capacities, modes of thinking and potentials of what your mind and body can do.

This transmitted energy also increases the regeneration capabilities within human cells.

This happens at the DNA and ‘energy body’ level, and moves far beyond repair and healing, into full transformation and creation of the new.

My Story

From early on in my life I had a passion to work with people and help them to reach their greatest potential, to be the best version of themselves that they could be.


My sessions are about clearing, activating and awakening you, thereby empowering you to overcome the challenges that you are experiencing in your life.

Light Language

It is a multilayered, multidimensional language that carries sound and light frequencies, coding and activations that work directly at a DNA and energetic level.

My Mission In Life Is…

To initiate change, and thereby awaken people to the truth of who they really are.

To facilitate the activation and remembering of the soul potentials and capacities.

To help people achieve a life of freedom, joy and abundance.

Client Love

I was one of Sandra’s first clients and it was the most powerful healing session I have ever experienced. Sandra’s technique is very unique and cutting edge. She was one of the first people to introduce me to the concept of ‘Light Language’ and when she engaged in this kind of healing work with me, it then activated my own energy and healing abilities. I am an energetic healer too, but after a session with Sandra, my abilities expanded and I also started bringing in new techniques. In addition to the activation of my abilities, Sandra has such incredible insight and connects directly to source energy for accurate guidance. Sandra has helped me clear things in my own life that no one else has been able to. I still see Sandra for sessions every few months or so when I feel like I need a bit of support and blockages cleared. If you are feeling the pull to go and see Sandra then you will not regret it! She will change your life and expand your awareness to things that you did not think possible. Thank you Sandra! Renee Cusworth

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer & Kinesiologist

Sandra is a very wise and gifted intuitive healer, I have had my mind blown a few times now. Every time I go see her she opens my mind even more. I am always excited about going for a session because I know its just going to be next level in terms of the wisdom she will share with me and what I will experience.

She has worked on me to help recalibrate and clear my energetic light body, anchoring of my DNA blueprint and crystalline matrix into the earth as well as activation and attunement of DNA light codes which are the link to my skills, abilities and wisdom from all my multidimensional lifetimes. Ever since I started seeing her last year I have had a major positive shifts in my life and it just keeps getting better and better. The sessions really are just brilliant and I feel like magic after each one

Mehtab Khan

Sandra was very highly recommended to me by a close friend who thought I would benefit immensely from a session with her. I must preface this by saying that I have been on a spiritual journey for some time and was seeking guidance for certain … shall we say realisations and understandings I started having. In hindsight it was one of the best experiences I have had and was almost serendipitous that we met. I walked in to the appointment not knowing what to expect, but the minute I was greeted by Sandra, I noticed a deep energetic connection and felt instantly safe and at ease (almost familiar). Sandra is truly a wise and gifted healer who helped guide me and gave me an understanding of what I was experiencing. She helped heal me energetically and cleared away anything that was holding me back. It was amazing to finally speak to someone who knew what I was going through and could help show me the way. The wonderful thing was, once my processing period was over, many things became a lot clearer and I have been able to raise my vibrations and ascend in my journey seamlessly. So thank you so much Sandra for being the guide you were meant to be and helping me bring balance and clarity to my life and purpose here.

Gezala Ahmed

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