Light Language

Light Language is a multilayered, multidimensional language that carries sound and light frequencies that facilitate coding and activations which work directly at a DNA and energetic level.

Usually, Light Language can’t be directly understood or translated word for word, and for this reason, it bypasses the the ‘active mind’ and works at a much deeper level.

The work that Light Language does helps in a number of ways, including the initiation of clearings, balancings, activations and realignments that are necessary for a person to reach their full potential.

Light Language helps to clear energetic and karmic distortions, blocks or limitations, as well as emotions that are being held in the cells of the body. It also facilitates an opening of the heart and a reconnection with soul knowledge, potentials and abilities.

Light language is not learnt but rather channelled and transmitted.

As a healer, I spontaneously started to channel Light language with my hands a number of years ago, and have since gone on to use it in my sessions. I channel Light Language via my hands, voice, eyes and writing.

By doing so I act as a catalyst and activator moving the person beyond repair and healing onto transformation and creation of the new.

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