Ascension is a term to describe the evolution of humanities consciousness into higher frequencies of vibration thereby allowing us access to experiences, capacities and potentials that were previously not available to us. This process of evolution is being supported by a shift and raising of the earth’s vibrational frequency at this time.

We are being pushed to clear our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks in order to raise our vibration thereby allowing us to embody more of our higher self and who we really are, so we can be fully whole and empowered from within and have full connection between our heart and mind.

This process can be both exciting and uncomfortable, however the awareness of what is happening will reduce fear and allow us to let go of resistance to the process thereby bringing more flow and ease. When there is an increase in our vibration anything that is not in resonance with that vibration will come up for clearing and that is when we can experience physical, mental, emotional or spiritual discomfort or experiences. Sometimes the symptoms will pass on there own and at other times are pushing us to observe ourselves objectively and make new choices that will affect change in our lives.

Light language is an effective catalyst for ascension and carries frequencies and coding that initiate clearings and activations that will speed up this process of evolution.

I always feel so happy, peaceful, calm and accepting of with where my life is at every time I see you


Ascension Symptoms

As we shift vibrationally we will experience changes on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The physical symptoms we feel are because our body is adapting and recalibrating to your new higher vibration. Some symptoms are indicating a blockage or imbalance that you have whereas others are due to an influx of high vibrational energies or downloads however both tend to pass within a short time or within a few days. Things you can do to help alleviate symptoms are resting when you fell you need to, drinking lots of water, doing physical exercise, spending time in nature, eating healthy, thinking healthy thoughts, doing something creative and fun, laughing and crying too. Staying grounded is also very important to give you a stable foundation to anchor your higher vibration. It is important however to know that not all symptoms are ascension symptoms and to seek help when necessary.


  • Cold and flu- like symptoms sometimes including a fever
  • Ringing in your ears as you adjust to new frequencies
  • Visual disturbances
  • Heart palpitations as your heart chakra opens and clears
  • Headaches, foggy brain, dizziness or disorientation at times as your neurological system adapts
  • Odd aches and pains in your body that come and go as energy and emotions that were held in your body are released
  • Changes in what you eat such as moving to a more plant based diet, giving up the things that aren’t good for us like alcohol, smoking, caffeine etc. Listen to your body – it changes as your vibration changes.
  • Feeling that you no longer resonate with the things you used to (e.g. work, certain people in your life, old habits)
  • Sleep changes such as needing to sleep more or waking during the night
  • Vivid dreams
  • General fatigue at times that forces you to rest
  • Mood swings or being on an ‘emotional rollercoaster’ for no reason as old emotions surface for release – honour this process and allow them to flow. E-motions are ‘energy in motion’ and it’s when you stop the motion and bottle them up that you suffer in the long run.
  • A knowing that there is more to life and wanting to break free from the things that are holding you back
  • Emergence of intuitive gifts/abilities – awakening to your innate wisdom and abilities.

Remember everyone is unique in their experience and journey. Sometimes it’s exciting and enjoyable, sometimes it’s uncomfortable and challenging, however we are all being pushed to awaken and change, to stop living a life dictated by our fears. By doing the inner work required and making the choices to necessitate change you will begin to experience more joy and flow in life, be able to navigate the challenges of life more easily, have more access to your innate wisdom and intuitive faculties and be empowered to create the life you want from a place of love.

Ready to make a real change in your life?